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Familyplans is an independent organisation which was established in 2003. We provide Family Group Conferences (FGCs) and other FGC services such as training, consultation, project management and development. We can also provide independent assessments on request.

Since 2003 we have organised over 1500 Family Group Conferences in a number of Local Authorities.

We are passionate about Family Group Conferences


Family Group Conferences provide families with the opportunity to harness and use their own strengths to make successful plans for their children, plans that the family sign up to and which place the children at the centre of the decision-making.


We work alongside Local Authority partners to provide a quality FGC service that meets locally agreed outcomes and the needs of families and children. We understand the requirements of both Local Authorities and the Children and Families they serve.


FGC Training 


Familyplans is a founder member of the London Consortium Accreditation Programme (LCAP), an accredited FGC coordinator training programme run by a consortium of FGC services. 


Consultation, Project Management, FGC Development 


Familyplans has worked with a number of local authorities to help them set up and establish FGC services or to review and make changes to their existing practice. 


Independent social work assessments 


We provide independent kinship care assessments on behalf of Local Authorities. This work arose through our Family Group Conference work, as we were asked to make assessments of extended family members came forward to care for children. We have made assessments in English, French and Arabic, in a number of countries as well as the UK. Assessments include SGO, Residence Order and Form F.



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