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Family and close family friends are the most important people in childrens lives, they have unique knowledge about their children and of course they know how their family works.


Sometimes parents or carers experience difficulties in caring for their children and a Family Group Conference can be really useful in bringing the whole family together to help.


What happens once the referral has been made?


Your FGC Coordinator meets first with the child(ren)’s parent or main carer to explain how it works and to help decide who needs to be at the FGC.


They then make contact with everyone who should attend to prepare them for the FGC. They will give everyone the questions the referrer would like you to think about when making your plan.


They will talk to everyone about a suitable time and date for the meeting, and make all the practical arrangements. The FGC is held in a ‘neutral’ venue (that is, not at the ‘Social Services’ office, and not at a familys home) and refreshments may be provided.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Children are part of the FGC


Its important that child (ren)s views are taken into account at the FGC according to their age and understanding. Your FGC Coordinator will talk to the child (ren)s parent or the person looking after them about who will be the best person to prepare and support them to contribute at the FGC. This can be an independent person called an Advocate, a family member, or someone already working with the child.


What happens after the FGC?


The coordinator will send your plan to everyone who has taken part within 5 working days. The social worker will work alongside you to help you and family put the plan into action. Your plan will be a key part of the work to keep your child safe.


Take a look at the video clip which is an example of a Family Group Conference. With thanks to Family Rights Group for making this video available online.


Take a look at the video clip, it shows the view from a childs persective and the family. With thanks to Camden FGC Services for making this video available online.

I think my family could benefit from a FGC, what shall I do next?


If you have read this information and think a FGC could help your family, speak to your family’s social worker and ask them to make a referral. Or you can call the FGC Manager who can speak to the social worker on your behalf.


What can I do if I am unhappy about the FGC?


If you have any concerns about anything to do with your FGC speak to the FGC manager.

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