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We provide independent kinship care assessments on behalf of Local Authorities. 


This work arose through our Family Group Conference work, as we were asked to make assessments of extended family members that came forward to care for children.


As local authorities became aware that our qualified and registered social workers speak a number of languages, we also began to be contacted by local authorities requesting overseas assessments of family members they were involved with.


We have made assessments in English, French and Arabic, in a number of countries (Belgium, France, Morocco, Algeria) as well as the UK. As part of these assessments we provide information about local services, and for Morocco, specialised information regarding placing children with extended family under ‘kabala’ arrangements.


Assessments include Viability Assessments, Kinship Care Assessments, Special Guardianship Order, Residence Order, Form F. 


As with all our work, references are available.

ISW Assessments

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