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We have worked with a number of local authorities and other organisations at different stages of the development of their Family Group Conference service.


This has included:

agreeing an implementation and training plan for local authorities that are introducing Family Group Conferencing, running initial awareness training for all potential referrers and stakeholders and delivering early FGCs whilst the local authority set up its own service

delivering awareness raising sessions for referrers and stakeholders where a service is already in place

reviewing the arrangements of existing services and making recommendations for future improvements, convening a Steering / Implementation group, advising on systems and procedures, developing all necessary paperwork


delivering the FGC service for an extended period of time whilst the local authority considered its preferred service model

providing consultation on specific FGC development issues

providing the full FGC delivery service on a contractual or framework agreement basis

providing FGCs on a spot purchase basis

assisting local authorities with interim arrangements

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We are happy to discuss your needs and we aim to respond quickly to urgent needs, including ‘court-ordered’ FGCs for local authorities who have not yet developed a FGC service.


Familyplans Company No: 4998383


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